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Bill Lentz has partnered with me to serve several of my clients as a business strategist. I’ve brought Bill into companies that are experiencing anxiety associated with a changing ‘systems’ related to human relationships, management of employees, senior-level leadership, restructuring a business organizations, or re-visioning a business model. Bill has a unique ability, a gift, of connecting with people and giving them a sense of hopefulness.
Tom Garrity, Compass Point Consulting


Bill Lentz’s impact on our company has led us to make necessary decisions to move our business forward. His impact be cannot be overstated. His tailored workshops and executive coaching have brought us a renewed sense of confidence and hope in a time of tremendous changes in the economy and our business model. We are grateful for his work among us.
Dave Zartman, Zartman Construction, Inc.


Bill Lentz and Chuck Stehly each have their own unique skill sets, styles, and experiences that complement each other in complete and seamless way to a degree I’ve never witnessed before. C-Link is ideally suited to evaluate any business situation, develop a plan, and most importantly, work with the client to execute that plan. There is no doubt that when C-Link has completed its work, the Client and its management team will be much better prepared to deal with whatever opportunity or roadblock comes their way.
Kim W. Snyder, Principal, New Normal Advisors LLC