Change Management

“Most conflict does not come from disagreements over how the business will change. It comes from anxiety surrounding the need for the business to change.” – Bill Lentz, C-Link


C-Link Banner 2016 - Change Management SlideConflict and anxiety are common experiences in companies undergoing change. They are natural parts of the process of change in business, and they need to be well managed in order to ensure businesses go on to enjoy new and renewed success.

At C-Link, we specialize in helping companies manage the conflict and anxiety that frequently accompany change, giving business professionals the optimism and confidence they need to oversee transitions effectively.

Our change management consulting services are led by C-Link team member, Bill Lentz. Bill combines insights from systems theory and organizational psychology with his experience leading complex organizations and his personal empathy and energy to help businesses clearly understand the root causes of conflict in their organizations and to develop practical, productive strategies for dealing with it.

The results are inspirational and transformational. We are often told we give businesses hope when they did not believe hope existed.

We offer conflict and anxiety management consulting to companies in every stage of their life cycles, not just those managing important changes to their business models. We tailor our programs to your needs, and work with small groups of senior executives as well as large teams of people throughout your company.

To learn more about our change management consulting services, please call Chuck Stehly at 484-456-1596.